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In Stores Soon: Ikea's Gamechanging Furniture Line with Built-In Wireless Charging

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All photos courtesy of Ikea
All photos courtesy of Ikea

Big news! Ikea's solution to all your messy cable woes is almost here. First introduced early last month, the flatpack retailer's new "Wireless Charging Collection" has already debuted in Europe and will be rolled out in U.S. stores soon enough (the official answer is "late spring.") The new line includes a range of lamps and nightstands with built-in wireless charging (that's the "+" spots), standalone charging pads, and charging units that can be installed anywhere with a special drill bit.

Prices range from $30 for a single charging unit (plus $5 for the matching drill bit) to $120 for a floor lamp with wireless charging built in. One caveat: the products were developed with the wireless charging standard Qi, which isn't compatible with some phones, including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. In those cases, additional charging covers, which Ikea is selling for $15 to $25, will be needed. Below, photos of the full line of products and how they might look deployed around the home.

From L to R: VARV table lamp ($69.99), VARV floor lamp ($119.00), RIGGAD work lamp ($79.99), NORDLI nightstand ($109.99), NORDLI nightstand ($109.99), SELJE nightstand ($59.99)

From L to R: NORDMÄRKE single pad in birch and white ($27.99), NORDMÄRKE triple pad in birch and white ($64.99), ROMMA cord management box in grey and white ($9.99)

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