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Meet 10 of the Coolest Ski Patrol Rescue Dogs Around

Ski patrol rescue dogs are key players in making sure anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in an avalanche has the best chance of making it out alive. And because they're furry and adorable instead of bearded and surly, they're often some of our favorite members of ski patrol. We're kidding on that last point, but getting people interested in safety messages is probably easier with a cute dog around. Ski patrol dogs often start training as puppies, are required to pass exams to start work and continue to attend ongoing learning seminars throughout their careers. That's a lot of work, and Curbed Ski wants to make sure they get the recognition they deserve. Here are the 10 of the coolest ski patrol dogs.

OK, we lied. All ski patrol dogs are the coolest, and this list has more than 10 dogs. In no particular order, meet some of the coolest ski patrollers around.

Jake, Vail

Monty and the whole Alyeska crew

Riggins, Squaw Alpine

It's play time for the new #alpinedogs pup. Welcome to the team Riggins!

A photo posted by Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows (@squawalpine) on

Ruckus, Northstar

Patrol Dog Ruckus approves of the new snow. 6 inches on the ground and more snow headed our way tomorrow!

A photo posted by Northstar California Resort (@skinorthstar) on

The whole Heavenly crew

There's happy and then there's ski patrol #dogs playing in #heavenlysnow happy. #dogsofinstagram

A photo posted by Heavenly Mountain Resort (@skiheavenly) on

Ruby, Tamarack Resort

Buster, Sugar Bowl

Lief, Stevens Pass

Stacking up at Stevens. #thedailylief #tollersofinstagtam #dogsofinstagram #spka #skipatroldog #avalanchedog

A photo posted by Bryan Hendrick (@bhmtnguide) on

Penny, Keystone

Happy #NationalPuppyDay from Penny our newest Avy Dog in training! #puppy #dogsofinstagram #cute

A photo posted by Keystone Resort (@keystone_resort) on

Bo, Loveland

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