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For $2M, Make Like a Marquis and Pick Up This French Chateau

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Location: Dolus-le-Sec Centre, France
Price: $2,011,000

"Humanity has won its battle. Liberty now has a country." Stirring words from the Marquis de Lafayette, famed Revolutionary War soldier, freedom fighter and one-time owner of this 12.4-acre estate and chateau that positively screams royalty, privilege and anything but the common man. Located in Central France near the medieval town of Loches, the historic manse offers an air of gentility, with salons and landscaped gardens made for leisurely strolls. Considering the 32,000-square-foot stone building boasts 11 bedrooms and an 8-room guest house on the property, any prospective owners will be doing plenty of walking just to survey their new home.

While amenities such as the parlor pool table, fireplace, grand master suite and penthouse are must-haves for any marquis or mid-level noble, and period-perfect beamed ceilings, marble floors and stone staircases provide a gilded atmosphere, this home can be more than an aristocratic escape. The listing suggests the property is ideal for rentals or a bed-and-breakfast conversion, since it's in a picturesque region an hour's train ride from the capital. Why not push Liberté, égalité and fraternité for $200 a night?

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