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6 Fast Facts About Tiger, the Company Bringing Super Affordable Danish Home Decor to America

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In addition to the expanding design and decor e-commerce scene, there's also about to be a new brick-and-mortar player in the U.S. Tiger, the Danish chain that already has 429 stores across Europe and Japan, is heading stateside, starting with one 5,000-square-foot store opening in Manhattan's Flatiron neighborhood this May. Technically called Flying Tiger Copenhagen due to trademark issues, the store (described as "the dollar store of Danish design" by Co.Design) will offer quirky decor and accessories for the home and office, all at ultra affordable prices. Anyway, here's what you need to know.

6. 90 percent of the store's products will be under $15—smaller items like candles and socks and come in at under $10.

5. 90 percent of products are designed in-house at the Copenhagen headquarters to keep costs down.

4. New products will be introduced every four to six weeks.

3. The whimsical spirit will be strong. A few examples of what to expect: mustache-shaped sponges, funky multi-colored coat hooks, adorable graphic mugs. "We don't go out looking to just sell a plate," Kanter tells Co.Design. "When we design, we think about how products can inspire people to live life in a fun way."

2. Likewise with the interior design of the new NYC store. On to top of an overall flea market-inspired vibe, the space will feature 15-foot-tall windows and a permanent, 10-foot-tall by 24-foot-wide display of candles in all sorts of colors.

1. More stores may be on the way! Curbed's sister site Racked NY reports that the company is already "scouting for three more locations to open in 2016," including NYC's Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Soho, and Williamsburg neighborhoods. Who knows, if "operation NYC" proves successful, Tiger may very well start popping up in other American cities.

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