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If You Don't Like the Views From this Rotating Apartment, Wait

Nice views add value to a property and create competitive bidding for prime space in high-rises, inevitably causing stratification between tenants in tall buildings. To avoid the inevitable divide, industrial designer Shin Kuo has devised a solution that could be construed as borderline socialist apartment theory—a building with rotating units that provide 360-degree views for all. Kuo's concept, "Turn to the Future," stacks apartments on a central pillar and spins units in a spiral (speed isn't specified). Kuo's moving apartments might provide a nice, not to mention consistent, change of scenery (especially for those who aren't prone to motion sickness).

Not surprisingly, the concept of an apartment that moves is not so simple. Each home's gas and electric lines would have to detach before moving and reattaching at their new location. Once an apartment reached the bottom floor, it would rise up the center pillar via crane to the penthouse spot. Think of the possibilities -- not just losing your keys, losing your apartment. Suddenly realtor jargon like "location, location, location" has a whole new meaning.

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