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An Ode to Packing Shots: Big Brother of the Pocket Dump

The pocket dump is in the process of taking over the internet. There are scores of websites, blogs, social media profiles and curated online shops dedicated to photographically chronicling all the stuff we shove in our pockets taken out and arranged neatly on a desk. But pockets are small. Calling something pocket-sized rarely means it's cool, and the items in these photos can seem like tools for a desk jockey. Luckily, there's a successor to the pocket dump for those who dream big: the packing shot. Forget your engraved keychains, elf-sized multitools and tiny bits of paracord fashioned into bracelets. The budding genre of packing shots is about the mountain of gear you're hauling to Patagonia spread out across the floor and possibly photographed from atop a ladder.

It's equal parts gearhead obsession and unabashed bragging about the awesome adventure you're heading out on. The best part is that packing shots get better as the level of absurdity rises. Laying out every shelter, pack, camera lens and titanium spork individually can take some time, and the best shots have the look of a carefully assembled puzzle. We hope this is just the beginning for packing shots because while spilling the contents of your pockets can show a little about your tastes, packing shots are aspirational, challenging you to get your gear together and get out there yourself.

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