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The Storm That Just Hit Utah is Heading to Colorado

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Despite all indications that winter was moving on, Utah just got hit by a major storm that dropped 44 inches of powder on Snowbird and 34 inches on Alta. Skiers were pleasantly surprised. Now that same system is heading east to Colorado. According to Joel Gratz, of Open Snow, it's not moving very fast and temperatures might not favor the blower powder Little Cottonwood Canyon saw, but resorts along the Continental Divide or east of it should still prepare for some great snow. Get out there now, because Friday could be the best of the weekend, but conditions for ski areas west of the divide should improve through the weekend. The storm totals could be 2 to 3 feet east and along the divide and 8 to 12 inches to the west. Even better news? There's another storm queued up for late next week.