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Can Two Guys Holding Teddy Bears Help Sell the Pooh Cottage?

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"Summer is coming!" said no one from House Stark ever, yet the brokerbabble for this two bedroom, one and a half bath Chatham condo begins with such seasonal excitement. The 510 square foot abode known as Pooh Cottage was built in 1929, just a year after The House at Pooh Corner was published, and naturally "comes furnished with Pooh Bear theme collectibles and linens." If the abundance of Pooh Bear decor is too much to bear, the property is part of a three-season, five-plus acre colony overlooking White Pond that, in addition to pond access, offers a shared picnic area, boat storage and a common lodge with a stone fireplace. We're pretty sure that Unit 8 was offered as a FSBO late last year, but can't seem to find that listing. Oh, bother! Regardless, this week the sellers brought in the real estate pros and a couple of teddy bear clutching bros in attempt to unload the cartoonish spread for $215,000. To bookend with brokerbabble, "Bring your family of teddy bears to join Pooh Bear!"

· Listing: 1340 Main Street, Unit 8, Chatham []