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Miniature Manhattan Townhouse Requests New Owner

The townhouse at 31 Morton Street in New York's West Village might be the cutest townhouse in the city. It's 22 feet wide, but a few feet shallower than that, so it clocks in at just 1,769 square feet and has only one room per floor— it's "not overwhelming in size," as the brokerbabble puts it. It's adorable in photos and on the floorplan, but perhaps not the most practical living space, as it can't seem to keep its owners around for long. After selling in 2001 for $1.725 million, 2008 for $4.995 million, and 2012 for $5.63 million, the house is back on the market. This time it's asking $6.49 million, and it doesn't look like the owners have changed a thing.

Take a look around. >>