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$1.5M Brooklyn House Is A Cozy Spot To Plan Your Next Murder

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Photo courtesy of Curbed New York

This house, factually speaking, costs $1,500,000. For the price, which equals 1,500 $1,000 bills stacked on top of one another, you can own the many things pictured inside: a cabinet, probably whatever is in the cabinet if you decide to open it, a partial bottle of Ajax, a very small mirror, a trash can (bag included!), a pipe, a door, a yellow sponge, half a roll of paper towels, a perfectly functional looking table, a roll of packing tape, a tolerable pink lamp, the tiles on the floor, and the tiles on the wall. Hell, help yourself to those places on the wall where the tile is missing. At the conclusion of this post, the house—which has paralyzed us to the point of listing things in a photo—remains on the market at one and a half million dollars.

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