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See Intricate City 'Blueprints' Inspired by the Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm and their surreal fairytales are inspiration for a particularly haunting project by London's Flea Folly Architects, lead by Pascal Bronner and Thomas Hillier. Grimm City is a series of black-and-white "blueprints" the designers refer to as an "architectural translation." Inspired by the 86 tales dreamed up by the Brothers Grimm, each diagram has an extremely detailed machine-like feel that features nightmarish yet whimsical banks, churches, and a "windowless monolith."

This summer, Bronner and Hillier are running a workshop at the Tate Modern where participants will collaborate on their own fictional paper city inspired by the Tate collection. Each participant will be in charge of designing their own plot of space within the imaginary village. A class designed for dreamers, "Imagining the Artists' Village" focuses on a theme the designers label "narrative architecture."

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