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The Best and Worst of Architecture-Inspired April Fool's Pranks

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April Fool's Day is a weird time for the Internet. It's a day spent on edge, questioning every headline, reading through entire articles before realizing they're fake, and thinking about how certain cringe-worthy pranks could actually be true stories someday. There's always the impassioned commenters who post paragraph-long angry responses before having a big public "Oh" moment when they're told to chill out, it was just a joke. Although it's a mildly paranoia-inducing day for readers, it's a pretty fun day for writers. Below, we've compiled some of our favorite architecture-inspired April Fool's posts. Enjoy!

Alcatraz Sold. Former Prison To Be Converted Into Luxury Micro-Apartments

HotPads made light of the absurd San Francisco rental market, and joked Alcatraz Island was being converted into a "very luxurious" community featuring 336 prison cells turned micro-studios.

Jack White studied at the GSD, and other celebrities' hidden architectural pasts

According to Archinect's secret celebrity history, Brad Pitt worked for Frank Gehry, Jack White was a promising architecture candidate at Harvard, and Kerry Washington interned at a starchitect's LA office as a model builder before she was spotted in protective goggles and offered a job in Hollywood.

Society for Atheistic Spirituality to Construct Etienne-Louis Boullée's Cenotaph for Newton

ArchDaily's Cenotaph for Newton design piece mentioned the desire to establish a "world class" team to realize the "sublime homage" to Sir Isaac Newton, a call which apparently inspired seven readers to email their expressions of interest. Aw.

Matthew McConaughey to Star in 'The Urban Planner'

Planetizen invented a fake movie where Matthew McConaughey stars as an urban planner who discovers an international conspiracy involving property rights. The post also includes a random jab at The Wedding Planner, joking McConaughey's press agreed it was a "vapid and soul-destroying film."

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian buy entire NYC micro-apartment building to turn it into an "urban mega-mansion"

Inhabitat turned star couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West into ultra villains with a story about how they purchased an entire micro-apartment building for affordable housing only to gut it and turn it into a "massive, urban mega-mansion."

Jeremy Clarkson named 2016 Venice Biennale Director

Architectural Review named newly-fired Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson director of the 2016 Venice Biennale, which one seriously appalled commentator called a "dire situation."

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