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The World's Cutest Irish Pub is On Wheels

The Shebeen is an adorable yellow-and-white tiny house on wheels that has the look and feel of a traditional Irish pub. The owners transformed a 30-year-old caravan into a close replica of a historic tavern. They papered the walls in antique patterned wallpaper, stained and distressed the handcrafted oak interior to give it a vintage feel, and hung old pictures and pub memorabilia—all to bring the "magical, warm, and cozy" sipping experience to backyards everywhere.

Shebeen, whose name refers an unlicensed private establishment where alcohol is sold, can be rented for parties and wedding receptions, and comes equipped with a fully functional mobile bar and LED lighting (party!). Also included, for an unidentified reason, is an original High Nelly bicycle. Purchasing your own personal custom-made Shebeen is another option. They come in three different models and range in price from €29,950 to €39,950, which isn't so bad considering you could probably create some kind of bed and live there. Take an Irish pub with you everywhere you go? Not a bad idea.

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