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Watch Keystone Resort Transform From 1975 to Today

When Keystone Resort first started turning its lifts in 1970, it was unlikely that anyone could imagine that the small resort could eventually become the 3,148-acre powerhouse that it is today. But founder Max Dercum and Keystone icons Bill and Jane Bergman believed in the mountain, even though it started with only two chairlifts, one pomalift, and a few base shelters. Throughout its history, Keystone has always been about expansion and upgrades, whether it was adding night skiing or the popular River Run Gondola. Check out these old ski maps and see how the resort has transformed, year to year.

Here's the resort not long after it opened in 1975 (click to expand):

By 1984, Keystone Resort had added North Peak (click to expand):

By 1990, the ski area had added the Outback (click to expand):

Here's what the mountain looked like in 1996 (click to expand):

In 1998, Keystone added the Windows terrain (click to expand):

And here's the 1998 night skiing terrain map (click to expand):

By 2005, the ski area map looked like this (click to expand):

Here's how Keystone looked in 2010 (click to expand):

And take a look at Keystone today (click to expand):

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