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14 Posters from the Cooper Hewitt's Upcoming Landmark Show

The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum's next landmark show, "How Posters Work" will showcase avant garde, wildly colorful poster art from around the world. Featuring 125 works from the Cooper Hewitt's 4,000-strong poster art collection, the exhibition "reveals the design techniques behind some of the most iconic and beloved posters in the museum's collection, from the hard-edged designs of Ladislav Sutnar to the ever popular psychedelic posters of the 1960s, which epitomize sensory overload," says Caroline Baumann, director of the museum.

The show is divided into 14 sections, with themes like "overhelm the eye," "assault the surface" and "manipulate scale." The exhibition goes from May 8 through Nov. 15, 2015. Here's a preview of the visual feast:

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