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Montana Ghost Town Gives Urbanites Chance to Turn Into the Guy from The Shining

Missoula's U.S. Bureau of Land Management was recently inundated with applications after advertising an opportunity to live in an abandoned mining town and watch over some cabins. Many of the applicants undoubtedly see the job as an opportunity to get some writing done (and the picture probably didn't hurt), which, if you recall, is the exact same thing that Jack Torrance thought in the beginning of The Shining. Then there's this, via the Washington Post:

"I have heard several people tell about experiences in the hotel," Ellen Baumler of the Montana Historical Society told the Huffington Post by e-mail. Bureau of Land Management historian "Allan Mathews and others have seen a woman [in] one of the upstairs rooms in the hotel, gazing out the window. Folks have to judge for themselves." Yup, that settles it. Whoever gets this job is going to be chasing his son around a hedge maze with an axe by the end of the month.
· Why people from all over the world want to live in a Montana ghost town [Washington Post]