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William Shatner Says He's Raising $30 Billion on Kickstarter to Save California from Drought

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With California in the midst of its worst drought since the 9th century, William Shatner (Star Trek, S#*! My Dad Says) has a plan to save everyone. It goes like this:

1) Make a Kickstarter.
2) Raise $30 billion.
3) Build a four-foot, aboveground pipeline from Seattle, which has "too much water" to "one of our lakes."

Shatner revealed this plan during an interview with Yahoo! Tech's David Pogue. It seems like he's being more than a little facetious, but the clip is worth watching if only for the faces Pogue (who then writes up the plan as if it's entirely serious) makes while visibly trying to decide how he should be reacting. And hey, if Zach Braff can get $3 million to make his stupid Garden State 2, William Shatner should get $30 billion to save California. It only seems fair.
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