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George Lucas Is Building Affordable Housing Either to Piss Off His Neighbors or Because He's Nice

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George Lucas has faced opposition from his wealthy, ornery Marin County neighbors every time he's tried to build on his massive estate. First, plans to expand his production company studios were squashed, and then plans to sell some land to an affordable housing developer were met with even more vitriol and eventually abandoned. Now, Lucas has announced that he's just going to go ahead and develop the affordable housing himself. While it's tempting to look at this as a brilliant way of getting back at his shitty neighbors, who vocally believe that inhabitants of low income housing are "drug dealers and ... lowlifes," Lucas has denied that he's building the housing out of revenge. Or, rather, that he's building it solely out of revenge. "I wouldn't waste my time or money just to try and upset the neighbors," he told the Times in 2012. Of course not, but it probably doesn't hurt.
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