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After Community Backlash, Tennessee Sex Dungeon Will Become 'Church'

A proposed swingers club in Nashville, Tennessee drew so much outrage from the community that its owners have relented and agreed to develop the building into a "church" instead—"church" being in square quotes because the floorplan is exactly the same (the "dungeon room" has been relabeled "choir") and all the local prudes are pretty sure it's still going to be a sex club. The club's lawyer promises, however, that there will be no sexual activity on the premises, saying "I assume if someone meets there and wants to do something of a sexual nature, they'll go to a hotel or a motel or go home." Just like regular church.

The original proposal so terrified locals that it prompted one state representative to propose a law that would prohibit sex clubs from opening within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, parks, and residences, presumably to be known as the No Sex Clubs Except In The Desert Law.
· Madison swingers club to open as church instead [Tennessean, via NYDN]