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Black-and-White Brasilia Photos Show Off Niemeyer's Curves

Norwegian photographer Øystein Aspelund has always been intrigued by Brasilia, the Brazilian capital designed by famed modernist Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa in 1956 and founded 55 years ago today. During a trip home with his Argentinian girlfriend Jimena last November, he decided to follow his passion and spend three days capturing images of the famous planned city. He quickly discovered that the curved white concrete structures made excellent subjects for minimalist, monochrome photography. "Niemeyer is different from a lot of modernists in that he uses curves to really express beauty," says Aspelund. "It's a very less-is-more style. I was really interested in the contrasts, and with the concrete in the background, these images made a very strong, clear impression." Aspelund's resulting photo collection (which includes Jimena in a few frame) gives Niemeyer's design a very fashionable close-up.
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