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Sou Fujimoto Plans a Super Airy, Leafy Hub for Parisian School

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto just unveiled his competition-winning design of a building for the École Polytechnique at the Université Paris-Saclay campus, a collaboration with French firms Manal Rachdi Oxo and Nicolas Laisné Associates. Considering how recent headlines from the nature-loving architect have involved a Swiss cheese-like museum and a futuristic "tree skyscraper" (not to mention his famous "pile of sticks" Serpentine Pavilion), this new scheme is perhaps the most orthodox Sou Fujimoto proposal in a while. The design envisions a glassy, airy building with a grand atrium where learning and socializing will take place on various bridges, balconies, platforms—all surrounded by trees and plants.

"People won't pass each other in corridors anymore, but meet in vivid places, in a unique space bathed in soft light, with surprising and changing views," the architects write in a statement. Expected to be built with a budget of about $35M, the 108,000 square-foot building will house 150 staff members and 2,000 students across six sub-schools.

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