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Would You Rather Live Inside a Wind Turbine or a Roller Coaster? Why Not Both?

Dutch architecture studio DoepelStrijkers has designed a giant wind turbine that also contains an apartment block, a hotel, and a rollercoaster, in what is being called (by them) "the most innovative windmill in the world." They hope to bring the structure to Rotterdam by 2020. But wait, you may be saying, wouldn't it be really noisy living inside (outside, really, because the turbine would go in the middle) a giant wind turbine? Apparently not, according to some scientific looking diagrams with arrows and stuff.

See, the sun would shine down... and then the wind would... uh... it's gonna be really quiet, is the point. But wait, you may be saying, wouldn't it also be really noisy living inside a roller coaster?

Yeah, that sounds like it would be pretty noisy.
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