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10 Decor Moves to Cop for Your Own Twin Peaks Revival

All images via In Twin Peaks.

Beloved serial drama Twin Peaks, which aired for two exhilarating seasons in 1990 and '91, has made headlines lately thanks to Showtime's interest in rebooting the story 25 years later. The plan was for auteur David Lynch to direct once again, and many of the recognizable on-screen faces were equally on board to join the project. Before they had a chance to pinch themselves, a budget dispute halted negotiations, and Lynch dropped out of the project. In an effort to revive discussions with the network, cast members then posted a video to social media describing, in choice references to the script, what "Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like..." Here are our top ten show locations cherished for their oddball brand of subtly sinister humor, which could only come from the brain of the inimitable director. Let's #savetwinpeaks!

↑ Perhaps the most iconic imagery from the show, the Red Room at the Black Lodge exists in FBI Agent Dale Cooper's dreams. The nightmarish high-contrast herringbone floor and perimeter of pooled red stage curtains suggest a genteel captivity.

↑ Agent Cooper can't get enough of the cherry pie with a "damn fine cup of coffee" at the retro Double R Diner. It's one of many anachronistic references to 1950s American culture, as the sleepy mountain town, in many ways, never evolved beyond that era.

↑ A massive, pandering resort disguised as a log cabin, the Great Northern Hotel is the folksy provincial front for the Horne brothers' other, much less wholesome business.

↑ The Sheriff's Department run by Harry S. Truman has a regional mix of rustic and midcentury finishes going on, in addition to intricately-arranged doughnut formations.

↑ Nothing screams relaxation like this taxidermied bear poised to attack in the study of Pete, Catherine, and Josie's Blue Pine Lodge home.

One-Eyed Jack's is the illicit cross-border brothel of Ben and Jerry Horne, who, quite the obvious joke themselves, were never any good at resisting a bawdy pun.

↑ The half-finished Leo Johnson residence shows how the other half of town lives. His wife Shelly is prisoner in her repressive housewife role.

Twin Peaks High School has many spaces spattered with dynamic pops of color, like this hot pink linear motif in the girl's bathroom. The most preferable decor accent being any one of Audrey Horne's remarkable sweater collection.

↑ The office of Dr. Jacoby, the town's shady psychiatrist, is where he listens to recordings of patients' deepest feelings amongst his garish collection of bad blue kitsch.

↑ Finally, the classic "Welcome to Twin Peaks" sign from the opening credits boasts a population of 51,201, but the last digit was added when filming the town to make it seem ten times larger.

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