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You Could Buy That Reality TV Lady's Jersey Shore House, You Know, If You Want

The Jersey Shore beach house that no longer really belongs to Teresa Giudice, better known as that reality TV show who is going to jail, is headed to the auction block on May 19. The bidding will start at $100, though the house was listed last year for $315,000. What does this mean? It means that you, assuming that you are a person with between $100 and $300,000, could theoretically purchase the reality TV lady's house. Should you? We're not necessarily saying that. It's simply an option that is now available to you, and whether or not you choose to take advantage of this opportunity is something that you will have to figure out for yourself. It doesn't look like a particularly attractive house, but it is, presumably, the site of an incident or two where one reality TV lady threw some wine at another reality TV lady and then a third reality TV lady said a curse word. So there's that.

· Teresa Giudice's Shore home set for foreclosure auction in May; bidding starts at $100 (PHOTOS) [NJ]