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The Dream of the 60s Is Alive in This California Eichler Enclave

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The Eichler building heyday, roughly from the 1950s to the early 70s, drew its energy from the rise of the suburb. But it's a testament to the developer's appeal that even amid our era's big population shift back to cities, the promise of more space (and a pert midcentury roofline) can draw born-and-raised city dwellers out to the 'burbs. In 2009, Matt and Camila Baum left their one-bedroom in Twin Peaks for an Eichler rental in Concord. "They're supposed to be really accessible," Camila says of the Eichler homes' ethos, "but lately, even when we were looking a few years ago, it was so crazy. Your average person couldn't even afford one—until we discovered Concord." The couple rented a three-bedroom in the Rancho de la Santos Eichler neighborhood for $1,950 per month. "It was just like, yeah, we'll move here because we love the house," recalls Camila.

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