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A Beaming Modern Prefab Rises on the Ashes of a Burnt-Down Farmhouse

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All photos by <a href="">Marc Goodwin</a> via <a href="">Design Boom</a>
All photos by Marc Goodwin via Design Boom

When a Dutch family saw their home, a historic farmhouse in eastern Netherlands, burn down with everything they owned, they opted to start anew from a true clean slate—something that's totally different from what they had, something that'd finally have what they've always wanted…they ordered a fancy modern prefab. The new 2,260-square-foot home designed by Helsinki-based firm Studio Puisto adopts an open, radiating layout with double-height ceilings, which all help maximize views of the surrounding landscape. Meanwhile, the dark timber cladding of the house blends right in with the neighboring trees.

The whole process from design to moving in took one and a half years. The wooden walls were CNC-cut and prefabricated in Germany, which has become somewhat of a
prefab housing hotspot. The pieces were delivered and erected in less than a week. Watch the building process in the time-lapse embedded below.

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