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Ferry Service Between NYC, Nantucket Is Happening (Sort Of)

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Brace, it's possible that traveling from New York and New Jersey to Nantucket might be getting a little easier, or at the very least, more aquatic. Currently, the trip involves either an airplane or a combination of some variety of boat (high-speed ferry, slow boat, private boat, row boat) with a train, bus, or car. In just a few weeks, ferry fans will have reason to celebrate - for now.

According to The Inquirer and Mirror:

The Steamship Authority board of governors on Tuesday approved a docking agreement with Seastreak LLC for pilot high-speed passenger ferry service from New York to Nantucket the weekends of June 5-7 and 12-14, allowing its 141-foot catamaran to dock at the Nantucket terminal on Friday and Sunday of those weekends.
The Nantucket service would be an extension of Seastreak's six-year-old Highlands, N.J. and Manhattan to Martha's Vineyard summer service. The trip to Oak Bluffs on the 505-passenger, three-deck fast ferry takes "about five hours" and so getting to the Grey Lady will add "about another hour." Yup, that's six hours, but there is a "cash bar on all ferry sailings providing beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, and pre-packaged snacks." As for fares, the roundtrip rings in at $260 per adult, with one-way tickets going for $175 (see below). While that's not exactly fast or cheap, the website assures "Traveling with Seastreak really is the most civilized way to get there." Translation: you won't be groped by a TSA agent. Thus, will lovers of water transport and haters of air travel (and/or traffic) unite aboard this vessel, or will this idea sink?

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