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Watch Alpine Meadows Transform From 1970 to Today

Alpine Meadows was founded in 1961 as an alternative to nearby Squaw Valley, but in this era of mega-resorts, Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are now becoming one. A base-to-base gondola will connect the once competitors that merged on paper in 2011. Before this recent turn of events, however, Alpine Meadows has had a long, distinct history. In honor of all the big changes on the horizon, let's see how Alpine Meadows has changed over the years through the resort's old trail maps.

This is what Alpine Meadows looked like in 1970.

The trail map in 1974.

Alpine Meadows in 1980.

This is how it looked in 1985.

The map in 1997.

Alpine Meadows in 2001.

How the resort looked in 2004.

This is the map from 2009.

Alpine Meadows in 2012.

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