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Now You Can Rent Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's Old L.A. Pad Through Airbnb

The two-bedroom in Los Angeles where Kurt Cobain supposedly holed-up with Courtney Love from 1991 to 1992 and wrote songs for In Utero is now available on Airbnb. Considering that the famed punk and grunge venue in the Arts District where Nirvana sometimes played is now a yoga studio, becoming a short-term rental isn't a totally terrible fate for this tiny piece of rock history. Hypebeast says that the unit's current tenant didn't learn about the apartment's Cobain connection until after he signed his lease in 2011. For some reason, the link to the Nirvana signer was turning people off to the place.

More on the story, and a photo of Cobain in one of the apartment's bedrooms, at Curbed LA. >>