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Telluride Ski Resort Breaks Records, But Not the Snow Kind

Sometimes even when the storms don't come your way, a ski area can still break records. Telluride Ski Resort in Southwestern Colorado is reporting a record-setting winter season, with more skier visits and higher profits than ever before. The resort saw roughly 478,000 skier visits this year, up rom 454,000 visitors last year. Telluride Ski and Golf President and General Manager Greg Pack attributed the resort's success to successful marketing efforts, specifically in the Australian and South American markets. It certainly wasn't because of mother nature, as Telluride saw a few big, intermittent storms but had an extremely dry January and early February. The snow was so scarce at one point that Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson, in town to fill their latest film, "The Hateful Eight," hosted the mother of all bonfires in an attempt to appease the snow gods. Bravo, Telluride! Way to rise above the meager snowfall.
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