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If This Was Really the Most Patriotic House in America, the Owner Would Have Done Something with the Roof

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You might have everyone else fooled, Washington state man who painted red and white stripes on the front of the front of his house, wrote the words "GOD BLESS AMERICA" on the front door, papered white stars on a blue background onto the mailbox, hung American flags on the inside of the windows (smartly blocking all the natural light, which could have snuck into this country illegally), and tattooed an American flag on your face, and pierced your septum (not uniquely American, but still pretty tight). But not us. If you really loved this country, wouldn't you have done something with the roof? What kind of patriot leaves the roof? You think George Washington had some boring old green-shingled thing on top of Mount Vernon? Not a chance. He probably painted a huge pictured of a bald eagle fighting King George III while embroidering the words "Don't tread on me" onto a huge American flag. This house still has a ways to go, but hopefully the next owners (it's on the market for $189,000) can keep up the good work.
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