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Austrian Abodes Are Part Bird Nests, Part Modern Chalets

Andreas Tischler, ViennaPress via Viereck Architecture

An obsession with nature means that architects often try to incorporate the beauty of the mountains into their ski chalets, and really, what better inspiration could there be? At times things can get a bit literal, like when Vail commissioned a children's playground in the shape of giant nests, but for the most part Curbed Ski is in favor of outdoorsy design. Viereck Architects also looked to bird nests to inspire these Austrian abodes built in 2014, likely because the buildings are set amongst a fowl-fileld forest on the crest of a mountain. With a goal to capture the jaw-dropping, 360-degree views from each room, the architects wanted the "nests" to seemingly float above the mountainside. The façade and window frames were made with local larch wood, and the interior uses materials recycled from old farmhouses. A huge deck provides ample space for ornithologists to indulge in their bird-watching ways, and even people who could care less about birds will likely be mesmerized by the alpine vistas.

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