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Is This the Most Depressing $900,000 Listing in the Country?

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This 1,008-square-foot garage in Washington, D.C. may not look like much, but that only because it really isn't. It's a garage with no address, and it's on the market for $900,000. The listing suggests that it is "A developer's dream!" and that one could "Turn this prime location into a project of your own! Built up, built out." Presumably, as Gawker points out, the building up would somehow involve going around those power lines hovering a few feet above.

On the other hand: exposed brick! So much exposed brick!

· Listing: 0 21ST STREET NW, WASHINGTON, DC [Estately]
· Exorbitant House of the Week, Garage Edition [Washington City Paper, via Gawker]