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Judge Says Nouvel's Philharmonic Nameplate Not Going Anywhere

Creative Commons photo via Jean-Pierre Dalbéra
In a reversal of an earlier decision, a French judge ruled that French architect Jean Nouvel can't sue the Philharmonie de Paris to have his name removed from the project. Nouvel has waged a court battle against being associated with the Philharmonie since claiming serious deviations from his original design that so strain his initial intent that assigning him authorship would be unfair, and potentially damage his good name. In a statement earlier this month, the "martyred" and "sabotaged" artists said that as long as the project continues, "each day brings its share of nonconformities and incongruities." J'en peux plus!

The reversal came after the Paris Supreme Court initially ruled in his favor. Nouvel won the competition to design the 2,600-person hall in Parc de la Villette all the way back in 2007, but ended up deciding to boycott its opening in January after filing suit in December asking for a halt to construction and modifying work on the 26 parts of the design that flouted his original plans. The most recent court ruling suggested he didn't show enough proof that his initial ideas had been "adulterated."

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