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A Dark Paris Apartment Gets a Mod Micro Makeover

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How do you solve a problem like a poorly organized apartment divided into lightless quadrants? If you let French interior architect Richard Guilbault tell it, you don't: You knock down some walls and make one bright, modular space in its stead. And that's exactly what Guilbault did for a young Paris couple looking to increase their useable square footage and storage in the City of Light's 18th arrondissement. Clocking in at just 30 square meters (or roughly 320 square feet), the unit neatly fits a living room, kitchen, "sleeping space," bathroom and more.

No part of the space is left unused. Under the steps leading to the compact bedroom behind the kitchen, for example, Guilbault carved out a tunnel for the couple's cat to travel between the main living area and a crawlspace-like feline domain. It's all very chicâ€"no one's surprised; it's Paris after allâ€"and a brilliant use of very little square footage.

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