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David Adjaye Designed This Wild, Gorgeous London House Now Listing For $8.4M

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Location: London, England
Price:£5,500,000 (~$8,400,000)

We hope you're sitting down for this. Asking what seems a not-unreasonable £5.5 million (about $8.4 million USD) considering, this knockout—dubbed Silverlight—is the work of none other than Tanzanian-born British architect David Adjaye, who brought his tough-luxe aesthetic and understandable fetish for natural materials to this ground-up commission completed in 2009. Sited along West London's Grand Union Canal not far from the city's famed Notting Hill neighb', the three-story residence sits on land that was once host to a Victorian-style powder puff factory. Though there's nary an Old World flourish in the Adjaye-designed home, there are a lot of other fanciful touches: The very sleek, chic interiors feature mirrored surfaces, woodchip ceilings, bamboo and tortoiseshell accents, and more (including, interestingly, torn bank notes, according to the brochure). Somehow, the riot of color throughout the house—from green and orange to red and purple—works. Bye, we're moving. We'll see you in London.

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