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This Vibrant Home Makes a Stunning Case for Rural Michigan

Sitting on land that was once a stop on the Underground Railroad, this 1867 Italianate-style home in Schoolcraft, Michigan is now the artful and tranquil domain of a family who'd spent six years in the frenetic grasp of New York City. Designer Alyson Cameron moved into this five-bedroom home with her husband and son several years ago, and soon began filling it up with a delightful mix of family hand-me-downs and flea market finds, striving for a balance between the grand European look of the house and the intimate village feel of the 1,500-person town.

Furnishing the place called for a host of creative solutions. In the living room, Cameron reupholstered her grandmother's sofa using a Schumacher velvet, adding some "modern appeal" to an otherwise formal-looking space. To make the oddly-arranged kitchen more functional, the family also had to bring in a butcher block table. Elsewhere, they repainted some walls and removed some carpets, all the while taking care to preserve historical details like hand-painted maple trim in the study. Domaine has the full story and home tour.

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