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Mad Men Real Estate Update: Time Is Running Out

With two episodes left to go in Mad Men, Don Draper is still living in his once-great-now-sad Upper East Side penthouse, despite the fact that he sold it last week to a stockbroker from New Jersey and his family. His time may be running out, but on the plus side, until moving day comes around he no longer has to worry about dragging the patio furniture into and out of the living room. He is taking full advantage, as we see in the brief glimpse of the apartment we get early in the episode.

Sooner or later, though, Don is going to need a new apartment, whether in New York of California. Nobody informed his broker, Melanie, of the potential move, however. She's still scrounging up listings for two-bedrooms, as we learn when Don's secretary, Meredith, comes into and tells and tells him, "Melanie called. She has two two-bedrooms to show you tonight." Don sighs. "Cancel everything," he replies. America's collective heart breaks. There will be no apartment viewing tonight.

This is not the face of a man who is prepared to view two two-bedrooms.

So for now, we, like Melanie, wait. How will Mad Men final strings be pulled together? Will Don stay on the Upper East Side? Will he venture downtown again, like the last time he got divorced? Is it really necessary for him to get a two-bedroom, or can Bobby just sleep on a pullout couch when he comes to visit? Is he insisting on a second bathroom as well? What kind of wallpaper will he go with? Until next week...
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