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Boston's Priciest House for Sale Has 26 Rooms, 11 Fireplaces

Though San Francisco and New York are generally considered the pinnacles of pricey property, Boston very much holds its own. If it's not a $15,000,000 listing right off the city's Public Garden, it's a $5,000-a-square-foot one off the same said green. And if it's not either of those, then it's this monster: A 26-room, 14,871-square-foot mansion in Back Bay, asking a cool $20,000,000. That makes it far and away the most expensive house on the Boston sales market and second overall to that dictatorial floor-through condo in the under-construction Millennium Tower—being designed by New York firm Handel Architects—that's daring someone to pay $37.5M.

The full story and photos of the fantastical interiors, complete with coffered, vaulted ceilings and wood paneling galore, over at Curbed Boston. >>