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For Only $42,000, How Could You Not Buy This Chair with a Canopy?

Chairs are okay, but the one thing they don't do is provide shade for your head while allowing you to get a nice tan on your outstretched legs. Enter this chair, an "English Regency tufted leather library armchair with mahogany desk wings and an arched and fringed mahogany hood," now available for a mere $42,000. With a price like that, you almost can't afford not to buy it.

Other things you could do with $42,000, all of which are less attractive options than buying this chair, include:

1) Buy this really ugly BMW.

2) Get yourself a latex mask and a fake ID and enact whatever crazy-ass escape plan Robert Durst was plotting before they arrested him.

3) Have a cell phone.

4) Send your kid to Scientology prep school for one year.

The chair is really the only option here.

· Distinctive 19th c. Hooded Convertible Armchair [1stdibs]