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Tahoe's Lack of Snow Means It's Now Fire Season All the Time

Coming off of one of the worst ski seasons ever, Tahoe now has a whole different set of problems to focus on: wildfires. California's historic drought has forced ski areas to close early, prompted statewide water restrictions, and caused some desperate snow lovers to turn to rock skiing. Now, with the lack of moisture, Cal Fire fire captain Mike Mohler told NBC News that Tahoe locals can expect "explosive fire growth." So instead of waiting until California's normal peak fire season, in late summer and early fall when Santa Ana and Diablo winds intensify, people need to be worried about fires now.

The Sierra Nevada mountain range is stuck in a four-season drought that doesn't look to let up anytime soon. And the snowpack recorded this year on April 1 (normally its peak period), was near zero.

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Fingers crossed for a wet May.

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