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Kids Under 4 Feet Tall Not Allowed to Ride the Zaha Hadid Easter Egg

Image via Archdaily

You know how this Easter egg hunt business goes: A doting parental figure conceals tiny, candy-filled, pastel-hued eggs in the nooks and crannies of a backyard. That all changes when you grow up, move to New York, and participate in the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt. This isn't about candy anymore, kiddies. The eggs, each designed by a renowned artist or architect, will be on display at Rockefeller Center through April 25. Until then, you can download the online map here and track them on social media with the hashtag #thebigegghuntny. One piece of advice: Keep your children away from Zaha's version.

· Easter Eggs Designed By Architects [Archdaily]