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Eight Baller Mansions With Indoor Basketball Courts

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Hot tubs, putting greens, helipads—we see a lot of wild amenities in million dollar listings. One special and spacious treat is the private in-home basketball court, perfect for those of us who like to play but are too embarrassed to bring our non-skills to a public court. Inspired by the end of March Madness and this weekend's Final Four, we compiled a look at eight homes designed for hoop lovers.

One of the priciest homes in Chicago, this 9,300-square-foot penthouse has private basketball and squash courts. All for just $13M.

This six-story loft mansion in New York sold for $43M in 2013, and features a floating staircase, landscaped rooftop deck, and sweet court with exposed brick.

Aside from a massive basketball court, this $1.4M Seattle 5-bedroom includes a hot tub and putting green.

This half-court all-wood basketball court in New York City comes equipped with an "electric hoop" and "backboard height adjuster," which is apparently also used as a "spectacular open space for entertaining," according to the brokerbabble.

Tory Burch's ex-husband is having trouble selling this $16M property in Manhattan, which was listed for $27 million last year. Apparently the sophisticated, raw take on the home court isn't so convincing.

Billionaire William Koch's Elk Mountain Lodge property in Aspen is listed for just $100M, which for that price, it almost has to have a court.

Husband-and-wife design team Novogratz designed a basement level court with skylights for this Manhattan townhouse.

Novogratz have another NY townhouse complete with basketball court. This one has a dome-shaped rooftop space for those who like to look stylish while they play.

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