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43 Absurd Features of NYC's Planned $65M Megamansion

The megamansion to end all megamansions could soon be created in Tribeca. The Wall Street Journal reports that the owners of a five-story apartment building at 71 Franklin Street want to sell the property to some absurdly rich person looking for a sprawling, 20,000-square-foot home. Turett Collaborative Architects filed with the Department of Buildings to turn the 8-unit building into one completely ridiculous 7-story single family mansion with nine levels of living space. It would be delivered finished for $65 million, but if a buyer wanted to renovate the place himself, the asking price is $50 million. Yes, the prices have the potential to break records, but what is truly mind-boggling is what the house would hold. Seven (or more) bedrooms, 18 toilets, a basketball court, a climbing wall, a swimming pool, a rooftop farm, and so much more.

The floorplans + a 43-point list of absurdities. >>