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Set Up This Super Adorable Bamboo 'Glamper' in 45 Minutes

From a fancy suspended "tree house" to doughnut-shaped high-tech tents, the pursuit of "glamping" (glamorous camping, that is) continues to inspire designers. Another case in point: the Froute Pod, a new glamper designed by Giant Grass, a Melbourne-based social enterprise focused on building sustainable structures with bamboo. Bearing an indubitable resemblance to an onion, the glowing pod constructed from bamboo and waterproof canvas includes two side flaps that can be peeled back to form awnings. The bulbous shape, according to the designers, is supposed to optimize standing room on the interior, which reaches a maximum height of about eight feet. And with an inner diameter of about 10 feet, there's enough space for a double bed, or you know, freestyle-lying-around.

The simple structure, which sits on top of a wooden deck made of recycled palettes, includes a light woven from bamboo strips at its tip. Though intended to be a glamper, it can probably also serve as a breezy backyard guest bedroom, studio, meditation space, or gazebo. The designers claim the Froute Pod, which is expected to go into production in the next few months, takes two people 45 minutes to set up.

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