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Don't Pretend You're Not Jealous of This Guy's Enormous LEGO Collection

This video from Houzz TV could serve as a master class on organization, but more than that, it's almost impossible to watch and not have a LEGO craving awakened within you that you may not even have known existed. "A quarter of a million LEGO bricks?" you may start out saying. "That seems like a lot of LEGO bricks for a grown adult person to have." That sentiment, however, will quickly give way to pure unbridled jealousy. Jeffrey Pelletier, a Seattle architect (story checks out) and real life manifestation of the dad from The Lego Movie, has 250,000 LEGO bricks meticulously sorted into 153 bins with 189 drawers in his remodeled basement, and we're really only writing this in the hopes that his mom invites us over for a playdate.

The only thing more jealousy-inducing than the LEGO collection is the also huge liquor collection.
· Houzz TV: This Guy's Giant Lego Collection Proves Everything Is Awesome [Houzz]