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Paint Job Creates a Color Riot on Side of East London Building

With a palette and patterns that suggest it belongs on the corner of Memphis design and dazzle ship, a London building recently repainted by artist Camilla Walala practically crackles with energy. A passerby even left a Post-It note on the then in-progress paint job that said "ALL BUILDINGS SHOULD BE COLORFUL!" Titled "Dream Come True," Walala's latest project transformed a building on Singer Street occupied by Splice, a local post-production house, into an engaging diagonal grid of neon colors and black-and-white patterns.

Photographer Jenny Lewis connected Splice with Walala, a French designer who settled in London's Hackney neighborhood 15 years ago. She's done similar projects across London and in New York, but this facade may be one of her biggest commissions yet. The 10-day paint job is well documented on her Instagram feed. Evidently, there's a slight risk an advertisement may be plastered over the front of the building. It'll have to be a seriously creative piece of work to compete with the visual pull of Walala's work.

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