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The 'Tinder of Real Estate' Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

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Tinder, undoubtedly, has revolutionized the way that we as a society locate potential sex partners. So it was only a matter of time before the genius concept behind the dating app—"swiping right" for someone that you would like to have sex with and "swiping left" for someone you would not like to have sex with—was applied to other areas of life as well. Meet UPTOP, described by its founders as "the Tinder of real estate shopping." While other real estate listings websites do not allow you to "swipe left" and "swipe right," UPTOP allows you to do both of those things, according to whether or not you like a particular apartment.

Wait, you may be saying, so it's just a regular listings service but with swiping? No! Of course not! That would be ridiculous! UPTOP also has other highly inventive features, such as a map. "After you create your profile you're able to go around New York City using a very cool and sleek map," CEO Frank Barletta explains. This is important, because none of the existing real estate listings websites have a map. [EDIT: Our mistake—we have been informed that every single real estate listings website ever created has a map.] "After that," Barletta continues, "you can schedule an appointment to see [an apartment] and Uber will come pick you up, if you want Uber to come pick you up." Uber is a different app, but it's important for UPTOP users to know that they are allowed to use Uber, if they want to. Barletta neglects to mention that if UPTOP users are hungry before (or after) their apartment visit, they can have Seamless deliver them food.
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