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The Essential Guide to the 7 Types of Ski Town Architecture

Ski town architecture may be gorgeous, but it's not without its clichés. Behind every subtly-designed timber structure is a 15,000-square-foot log-cabin monstrosity and Curbed Ski has seen enough Western kitsch to supply a bad Hollywood remake. Even though recent trends in design skew towards more eclectic contemporary architecture, these clichés ensure a certain predictability in the high country. You won't find many Cape Cod-style retreats and there's nary a thatched beach house in sight (thank goodness). As much as we harp on all the antlers, taxidermy, and log-home overload, we'd be nothing without ski country's most revered architecture traditions. So without further ado, may we present the 7 types of high-country homes you're sure to encounter in every ski town.

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