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Washington's Stevens Pass Records Earliest Snowmelt Ever

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In an all too familiar tale this ski season, the snowpack on Washington state's Stevens Pass has officially melted out. There still might be a dusting of snow on the ground, but there was less than 2 inches of snow water equivalent on Tuesday, the official definition of meltout according to the University of Washington. So what's the big deal? April 28 is the earliest date for this to happen since researchers started taking this particular measurement back in 1981. Usually the snow hangs around until early June, and 2011 set the record for latest meltout on July 1. And while warm temperatures certainly hampered the ski season, at least in Washington there has been rain this winter. We can't say the same for drought-ravaged California.
· Stevens Pass has earliest snow meltout in at least 34 years [KOMO]